My Baby Knows

I like to cry alone, I like to take my time
A little doin’ nothin’ is really no big crime
I always tell the truth, or just a little lie
And when it comes to love, boys, I keep it eye to eye

‘Cause my baby knows when to trust me
And my baby knows how to bust me
My baby knows, my baby knows

My baby knows the score before the game begins
She says there ain’t no loser, everybody wins
Now, some might smile and smirk, and revel in their pride
But life is for livin’, she says, let’s just enjoy the ride

My baby knows, she just kills me
My baby knows she fulfills me
My baby knows, my baby knows

This old world has its troubles– Anger, Fear and Pain
Greed and Indigestion, meet the starving and the lame
And Love is still the answer, that’s just right as rain
Love and sweet Compassion will make and keep you sane

And my baby knows how I love her
My baby glows like no other
My baby knows, my baby knows