Sleepwalker in Paradise

Woke up early when I heard the sound…Rubbed my eyes…Looked around
Saw the ceiling…I saw the light…The blazing Sun chasing off the night
I got some water from the kitchen sink…Went outside just to sit and think
Wild flowers blooming on the lawn…Shiny dew in the light of dawn
It’s a miracle…that’s when it came to me
Everything I see…That this has come to be…That this has come to me
Sleepwalker in Paradise…I see more when I close my eyes
And watch the dream drifting slowly by…A real Sun in a real sky, that’s a miracle

There are no words… there is no book…To make you see just because you look
To make you know just because you think…Deep inside there’s a missing link
It’s always there, it’s always true…Being becoming something new
Well, that’s the source some might say…But that’s a question for another day
It’s a miracle that we’re even here
On a night so clear…And your eyes so deep…Love that makes me weep
Sleepwalker in Paradise…I think I’ve seen it maybe once or twice
But just a shimmer and it slips away…Now I’m lookin’ for it every day…Every day

Skin is thin and blood is thick…The baby cries ‘cause the baby’s sick
It doesn’t matter where the baby’s from…That baby’s cryin’ for someone to come
The question is: Do we hoard or share? The question is: Do we kill or care?
The question is: What’s a family worth? Are we a family on this living Earth?
Wars will come and go…Why we never know
But war can really end…And you can be my friend
Dissolving miles into digital smiles
I send mine to you…You send me one to
Sleepwalker in Paradise…I see less when I open my eyes
All the words, all the chatter…Isn’t real…doesn’t matter
I’ve got to touch, I’ve got to feel…Let my senses say what is real
You’ve got to know that it’s bigger than you…You’ve got to know you belong here to

It’s here in me, it’s there in you…All that’s good and all that’s true
Like a river flowing underground…Listen close, try to hear the sound of a miracle